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Alpha Gamboa
Designer / Artist / Watchmaker

Hello! Welcome to my portfolio.

I'm a flexible artist/designer who specializes in several fields ranging from concept art, illustration, UI, and visual design. I also create watch designs and work as a part-time watchmaker.

I've previously worked at Disney Interactive and Nexon M creating concepts, animations, production and marketing art for social and mobile games.
Aeus Tech was my first company; a small outsourcing studio focused on developing games and apps for mobile and emerging technologies.

I've also worked as a senior graphic designer at EnChroma; a company that develops optical aid devices for people who have red-green color blindness.

My recent contributions were designing concepts for EA/Maxis' The Sims 4 expansion packs.

I'm currently freelancing and looking for new opportunities.

My major is in graphic design, but I also helped build video game prototypes while I was in college.
I did web design, illustrations, UI & background art for Skullgirls (pre-alpha version), which eventually saw a PC, console & handheld release.

I like to read, draw and occasionally play video games on my spare time. I love drinking coffee and roasting beans at home.

Thanks again for looking at my work. Feel free to contact me at blackbookalpha(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Freelance (2018-Current) --- Artist / Designer / Watchmaker
Pro Unlimited @ EA/Maxis (2020-2021) --- Concept Artist
EnChroma (2016-2018) --- Senior Graphic Designer
Aeus Tech, Inc. (2013-2016) --- Lead Designer
Nexon M (2012-2013) --- Senior Artist / Animator
Disney Interactive (2010-2012) --- Artist / Animator
Skullgirls (2007-2010) --- Concept Artist / Web Designer

Clark College (2004-2005)
Highline Community College (2003-2004)



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