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Role: Lead Designer
App Design (Mobile/Apple Watch/Android Wear), Art Direction, Design Mentorship

Company Overview: Aeus Tech was my first bootstrapped outsourcing company specializing in app development for mobile and emerging technologies. The company was established overseas to hire and mentor designers/developers in creating a portfolio of software products while providing a cost-efficient solution for U.S.-based clients. The company dissolved in 2016.

Responsibilities: My role was developing design pipelines, product planning, art/design mentorship and hiring external contractors. Projects included physics-based mobile games to health, fitness and productivity apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Secondaries: Created concept art, illustrations, graphic design, animation, video trailers, marketing ads.

Tip Calculator
Tip Calculator - Video Demo

Color Match
Color Match Game

Rotary Calculator
Rotary Calculator - Video Demo

Interval Timer
Interval Timer - Video Demo

Hydrate Me
Hydrate Me (Water Intake) - Video Demo

Expense Manager
Expense Manager - Video Demo

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