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Role: Designer, Watchmaker
Watch Design, Watch Repair / Restoration / Servicing

Overview: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I decided to teach myself watch modding and repairing vintage wristwatches. I also did watch face designs for Apple Watch & Android Wear.

Responsibilities: Designed watches, parts modifications, restorations and servicing.

Secondaries: Manual movement cleaning, adjustments, polishing, on-the-spot troubleshooting, sales and appraisals.

Sonic Mod
Seiko 5 Custom - Sonic The Hedgehog Designs + Mods

Arnex Paul Manet
Paul Manét (Arnex) Montgomery Railroad Servicing & Restoration

Tissot Repair
Tissot Seastar Lady A630/730K Repair

Bucherer Chronograph - Landeron cal. 248

Baylor Art Deco - A. Schild cal. 970

Omega Seamaster
Omega Seamaster - Omega cal. 420

Seiko 5 Actus
JDM (Japan Domestic Model) Seiko 5 Actus SS - Seiko cal. 6106

Seiko Ladies
Seiko Cocktail Bracelet - Seiko Quartz cal. 1320

Arcadia Semi-Skeleton Starry Dial - A. Schild cal. 976

Swatch Irony
Swatch Irony Chronograph - Upgraded to ETA G10.212 Quartz

Swatch 1984
Swatch GW100 "Tennis Grid" - Early ETA Quartz

Smartwatch Designs
Android Wear - Watch Face Designs

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