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Role: Concept Artist
Concept Art, Illustration, Animation
2007-2010, 2015

Overview: Skullgirls is an independent 2D fighting game project that was acquired by Reverge Labs. The project was later developed by Lab Zero Games and published by Autumn Games and Konami on several gaming platforms.

Responsibilities: My initial involvement was contributing concept art during its pre-alpha phases of development. I was later hired to create illustrations, concepts, character storyboards and animation ideas for Skullgirls Encore.

Secondaries: Graphic Design, Web Design

RF Illustration
Skullgirls - Robo Fortune Illustration

RF Storyboards
Skullgirls - Robo Fortune Storyboards

RF Animation
Skullgirls - Robo Fortune Intro Animation Test

RF Moves
Skullgirls - Robo Fortune Move Concepts

RF Shirt
Skullgirls - Robo Fortune Shirt Design

Skullgirls NPCs
Skullgirls - NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)

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