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Role: Senior Artist / Animator
Concept Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation

Company Overview: Nexon M is a subsidiary of Nexon; one of the largest South Korean gaming companies. Our team was tasked to develop and test new mobile games.

Responsibilities: My role consisted of creating concept art, illustrations, characters, environments, tile sheets, sprite animation, inventory items and product materials for several mobile titles.

Secondaries: App icon, product screenshots, game ads, app store banners, exclusive event posters.

Apoc Wars Marketing
Apoc Wars - Marketing

Apoc Wars Characters
Apoc Wars - Characters

Apoc Wars Sprites
Apoc Wars - Sprite Animation Sheet

Apoc Wars Items
Apoc Wars - Inventory Items

MechaNauts Robots
MechaNauts (Canceled Project)

MechaNauts Environments
MechaNauts - Environment Concepts

MechaNauts Robot Concepts 1
MechaNauts - Robot Concepts

MechaNauts Robot Concepts Isometric
MechaNauts - Robot Concepts (Isometric View)

MechaNauts Characters
MechaNauts - Character Concepts

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